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  Located in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast, The Centre for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture provides a range of safe, natural and effective health treatments for the whole family.


Our focus is on the unique health needs of women, babies and children. We specialise in Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments to support conception, birth and beyond.

At The Centre for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, our trained and accredited practitioners are dedicated to improving health and promoting wellness by combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern medical science.


We provide a supportive and caring environment that fosters physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.


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The clinic offers gentle, individualised treatments for:


• General health and wellness


• Preconception health


• Fertility and conception


• IVF support


• Pregnancy care


• Labour preparation


• Postnatal care


• Children’s health


• Women’s health

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The Centre for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture


42 Kennedy Drive

Port Macquarie




PHONE   (02) 6582 7906

MOBILE 0432 417 677

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Dr. Ivana Moudry

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